5 things that shouldn’t miss from a men’s wardrobe this spring

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The spring of 2022 makes us happy with its rising temperatures, shining sun, and fresh air, so it is time to take out of the closet the clothes that you’ve put away last spring and to prepare for the hotter days. And since you sure want to create interesting outfits, there are a few things you should keep in mind when shopping this year. To help you out, we’ve defined 5 fashion basics that shouldn’t miss from every guy’s closet this spring.

Woolen sweater

Even if the cold winter days are behind us, every gentleman’s spring wardrobe should have a warm, comfy wool sweater. Choose a white crew-neck Aran sweater, preferably one made of Merino wool, because this natural fabric helps isolate and regulate body temperature, so you won’t feel too hot wearing it. These sweaters can be found in mass-market retailers, but if you want to get something truly original, you can order a traditional men Aran sweater online anytime and from anywhere.

Long sleeve shirt

Nothing attracts ladies more than a man dressed in a shirt, and it doesn’t have to be a white button-up. In reality, a man’s fashion style is more intriguing and trendy when he wears colorful, elegant long sleeve shirts in everyday, casual life. Natural textiles like cotton and linen will look the best and will be the most lightweight, soft, and breathable. A spring look may be created by combining a shirt like this with chino trousers and a sweater tied around the shoulders.

Chino pants

Speaking of which, chino pants are a spring essential in any man’s closet, as these pants are the most versatile bottoms for the warmer weather. Pay attention to the fabric that they’re made of: just like the shirts, lighter, breathable blends of cotton and linen will make the perfect pants for this warm season. When it comes to colors, classic khaki, navy, and grey chinos should find a place in your collection and be a great bottom for almost all of your shirts.


Although it may appear that t-shirts are no fun since they are, well, t-shirts and can’t be worn in a creative way, you’ll be surprised at how many different varieties of these tops are available and how important it is to choose the right one made of the proper fabric and in the right color. Make sure to get a couple of plain white cotton ones, but don’t overspend on them because they’ll get ruined after eating a burger or being worn on a hot day. In rest, experiment with different styles and designs, such as oversized shirts.

White sneakers

A staple for any season, but especially the warmer one, the white sneakers are the best pair of shoes to wear in spring with any casual outfit. They’re stylish, versatile, but also comfortable, so your feet won’t feel tired after spending a day at work or taking a long walk. Such shoes will look good with almost any outfit you decide to put together and will brighten it up. Just remember to keep your sneakers clean, since there’s nothing that kills an outfit quicker than dirty shoes.

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