What Does Beautiful Mean To You

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Many people have come up with what they feel being beautiful means but what does it really mean? Beautiful- pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically. 
Synonyms: attractive, pretty, handsome, good-looking, nice-looking, pleasing, alluring,
so it is possible that what you think is beautiful and what i think are both correct meaning for beautiful.

The health of your hair plays an important role in how beautiful it may be. Your natural hair no extensions added can be really beautiful. Things you can do to maintain healthy beautiful hair can change depends on the type of hair. Pre- shampoo with apple cider vinegar, only shampoo from the roots to mid-way your hair, Avoid silicon’s, sulfates, and alcohols that companies put in shampoos. Doing these things are sure to help, this isn’t all you can do just some. Natural hair and relaxed hair have different products that cater to that type of hair that’s why it’s important to know which products work for your hair. 

You can find many different products being sold that helps you to maintain clean and clear skin. Some products target dark spots, dry skin, wrinkles, and moisture but they all work to make and keep the skin healthy. There are some things we can do to help maintain healthy beautiful skin. Treating your skin gentle is a key component to healthy skin.

When bathing does so in a minimum amount of time; bathing in warm water helps your oils stay in your skin while hot water does the opposite. Most people love bathing in water as hot as they can stand it because it feels good to them but it’s not healthy for the skin. Be sure to keep your skin lubricants on hand, keep your skin moisturized. This helps keep the skin from drying out and cracking. These facts can be found @ Mayo Clinic >skin care>art

There are many schools that train people for these things such as any cosmetology training chicago il and many others all around the world. We can be beautiful all the way around hair, skin, and with our fashion; why would we choose one or the other? Fashion can help spice up your look just as hair and skin does. The key is wearing clothing that is made for your body type. What is my body type? Believe it or not most females have no clue as to what their true size is in panties, bras, shirts and more. 

There are sites that males and females can go on to research how to measure themselves. The sites tell you step by step how to measure certain parts of your body and why. M Tailor is an online app that actually measure men for their suits, shirts, jeans, and more. M Taylor currently only make jeans for the woman but plans to add more soon. More facts about M Tailor can be found @MTailor.com. Remain as beautiful tomorrow as you are today by taking care of yourself.


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