Keep Your Loved One Close Through Jewelry Or A Garden

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When a loved one passes away, you will never want to forget them and what they meant to you, and you will want to use something to keep them close. So, you should look for various ways to do that so that you will remember them and the good times you shared with them. There are many things you can do and items you can use to keep them close, and you should figure out what is right for you.

Consider Planting A Memorial Garden

You can plant a garden on your own property or see if you can donate flowers to a local library or someplace like that. Plant a garden in honor of the one you lost, and you will think of them each time that you see the beautiful flowers growing. Or, plant a tree at a local park and put up a sign in their honor beside it. The tree will help you remember them and will be something pretty that everyone can appreciate.

Wear Something In Their Honor

You can wear any memorial bracelets, or a necklace with a picture of them inside of a locket, and honor them in that way. You will literally keep them with you when you do that, and you will feel close to them because of it. Consider getting bracelets or something like that for the rest of your family to wear, as well. That way, you can all keep your loved one close even as the years go by.

Keep Up With The Traditions They Started

If there were any traditions that were started by your loved one who passed away, then you should keep up with them to keep their memory alive. Decorate your Christmas tree with popcorn if they always did that or take trips to the beach that they liked to visit. Make recipes that they always loved or adopt their favorite breed of dog. There are many small traditions that you can keep remembering them by, and you will feel good about keeping them alive in that way.

Always Tell Stories About Them

You can always remember a loved one through stories, and when someone asks about your memorial bracelet or your memorial garden, you can tell them all about the person behind it. You should share stories of your loved one with the future generations, and you should write down some of the stories to preserve them for years to come. Your memories are what you will always hold dear, and you should keep them alive in every way that you can. The more that you do to honor the one who has passed away, the more connected to them that you will feel, and you can honor them by telling stories of the good times. Create a constant reminder of them with a beautiful flower garden, a planted tree, or a nice piece of jewelry with their name or picture, and you will feel their love even when they are no longer with you.

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