5 do’s when it comes to blue contact lenses!

Colored contact lenses are having a big moment. They not only change one’s appearance but they are also very convenient to use. Furthermore, there is a huge variety of colors to choose from. You name it and you’ll find it!

Out of all the available colors, mesmereyez crystal blue contacts wholesale have been unequivocally the most popular colored lenses and there is a good reason for that. Blue is a color that evokes serenity, calmness, and intelligence and believe it or not, wearing blue color actually calms you down!

Here we share a few tips for wearing blue colored contacts the right way!

Do Know the Type of Lens You Want to Use

Once you have decided on the color of your contacts, it is important that you know the type of lens you want to use. There are lenses which have an enhancement tint and lenses which have an opaque tint. If you have naturally light blue eyes and want to brighten the color, then enhancement tint lenses are perfect for you as they only enhance your natural eye color.

However, if you are looking to totally change your natural eye color, then you should opt for opaque tint lenses. As the name indicates, these lenses are non-transparent and bring about a dynamic change in the color of your eye. These lenses are preferably used if an individual has naturally dark eyes.

Keep in mind that an enhancement tint lens brings about a subtle change whereas an opaque tint lens brings about a seriously bold change in your eye color.

Your Skin Tone Plays an Important Role in Choosing Blue Colored Lenses

While you may not have paid much attention to it, but your skin tone is very important when choosing the color of your lenses. If your heart is set on blue colored lenses, then you are in luck!

Blue colored lenses work perfectly well with both light and medium tanned skin tones however you will need to be careful choosing the exact shade of blue to compliment your skin tone. If you have a light skin tone, any shade of blue will work and look dazzling.

On the other hand, if you have a slightly tanned skin tone, then you will need a darker shade of blue to enhance the beauty of your eyes. Steer clear of brighter shades of blue as they don’t go well with caramel skin tones.

Do Consider Your Hair Color When Opting for Blue Lenses

Just like your skin tone, your hair color is very important. It creates a contrasting canvas for the lenses you have chosen. Since blue colored lenses give a very striking effect to your eyes, it is only natural that hair colors like medium brown and black compliment this beautiful color.

Nevertheless, if you like to playaround with your hair, do go for a platinum blonde shade to compliment your blue lenses. This combination will give you an all-star look!

Make Sure Your Clothing Compliments Your Lenses

What you wear and how you carry yourself makes a lasting impression on everyone. When you opt for blue colored lenses, it is imperative that you choose your clothing ideally so that it not only compliments but also accentuates the mesmerizing color of your lenses.

Obviously, the style of your clothing depends on you but it is the color that does the trick. In order to choose the best clothing color, you will need a color wheel. Locate the shade of your lens and note down the shade which is directly opposite to it. Make note of the colors surrounding your lens color and the the two colors that are at an equal distance from each other and from your lens. These are the colors that should form the central theme for your clothing.

Do Play with Colors When Doing Your Makeup

As mentioned before, blue color represents serenity and tranquility, so it is only logical to use warmer tones when applying your makeup. These warmer tones will ensure that your eyes stand out but not in an overwhelming way.

When layering your eyes with eye shadow, make sure you steer clear of the blues and greens as they can easily drown your eyes. Opt for rust colored shades that can accentuate the mesmereyez crystal blue contacts wholesale or opt for the jeweled tones of purple shades to enhance the color of your lenses.

You don’t have to layer your whole lid to get this effect, you can simply use the eye shades to line your lids and get the same effect. Always use a beige pencil to line your inner rims instead of using a highlighter.

Blue Contact Lenses Can Make a Lasting Impression On Everyone, So Make Sure You Wear Them Properly!






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