A Boy or A Girl? Choosing A Gender

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While every parent just wants a healthy and normal baby, it is natural for them to prefer one gender over the other. For instance, you and your partner may prefer having a baby boy as your first born then maybe the daughters later. For a long time, parents have had no choice but to conceive blindly and wait for the big gender reveal. With the current advancements in technology, however, it is actually possible to choose whether to conceive a boy or a girl. Whatever you get, you can plan for your little ones arrival with the latest nursery furniture in Australia and baby accessories. Here are some of the artificial ways you can do this:


This technique is becoming quite popular among couples as it is relatively easy and even affordable. The male partner’s sperms are collected in a laboratory where they are sorted according to their gender chromosomes. The boy sperms contain the X-chromosome while the girl sperms contain the Y chromosome.

The selected group is then used to fertilize the egg through intra-uterine insemination (they are injected into the mom’s uterus) or through in-vitro fertilization where the egg is fertilized in a test-tube the inserted into the womb.


PGD is a highly controversial method of determining gender and doctors strongly discourage it if there is no good reason for gender preference. Initially, it was developed to help couples who have undergone genetic testing or have has a family history of serious genetic disorders to know whether they may carry such genes.

It is usually performed alongside in-vitro fertilization where the egg is fertilized and left to divide in a lab. As the embryo develops, the doctor obtains a cell and examines it to determine whether the baby may be suffering any genetic disorders. He can also tell the gender. The embryos of the chosen sex are then implanted into the mother’s uterus.

These two are so far the most certain scientific ways of choosing your baby’s gender. Some moms and scientists, however, claim that there are some other natural ways of doing so. They include:


Theories put forward suggest that since the sperm carrying female chromosomes are heavier and live longer than those carrying male chromosomes, a woman who wants to conceive a girl should have sex a few days before ovulation then abstain. Also, sex when vaginal mucus is thick should give girls contrary to when it is light. Though there is little evidence for success, advocates claim a 75% success rate.


This theory is based on the vulnerability of the male sperm. The vagina is mostly acidic, but the levels reduce towards the cervix. In this regard, a deeper penetration means that the male sperm is more likely to survive as it is deposited in a more alkaline environment. Such sexual positions include having the man behind or the woman on top.

In conclusion, all babies are a gift regardless of their gender. It is actually an exciting thing to wait for the gender reveal so that you can start shopping for the pinks or the blues!


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