Different Types of Healing Crystals

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Crystals are naturally occurring materials that have been studied for their therapeutic and healing capabilities. There is a belief that crystals can emit vibrations that assist in healing, amplifying energy, and more. However, every crystal is different, so it is important to know what each type of crystal can be used for when it comes to healing.

You can wear crystal healing pendants, or carry a crystal with you in order to experience its healing properties. Here are several different types of crystals and the different healing properties they have.

Blue Topaz: Peace

Blue Topaz can assist in clearing the throat chakra, which helps you to speak your inner truth, practice forgiveness, and receive wisdom. A blue topaz stone can help you to clearly communicate your emotions. The color blue is also known for bringing emotions of peace and tranquility to the wearer.

Green Onyx: Healing

If you are experiencing feelings of stress, green onyx is a great stone to assist in healing your heart and regaining balance in your mental, physical, and emotional body. Green onyx can also assist in clearing and calming your mind, and can help you to overcome mental and physical stress. Green onyx is also known to bring the wearer good luck.

Crystal Quartz: Protection

Crystal quartz is a great stone to amplify existing energy. For example, you can program the stone with an intention, such as protection, healing, or love. It will amplify the energy of the wearer, and help to send that vibration of your intention out into the universe. If you want to change your intention, you can reprogram the stone with a new intention.

Rose Quartz: Love

If you are looking to call more love into your life, rose quartz is a great stone for you. Rose quartz is attuned to the vibration of love, and can help to heal your heart chakra. Not only can it attract romantic love, it can also help you with self-love, forgiveness, and self-acceptance. The color pink can bring the wearer feelings of calm, love, and beauty into your life.


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