How to Wear White This Summer

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Everyone can wear white in the summer, but you do have to choose the right styles and fabrics to make the most of this summery shade. Here are a few top tips for wearing white this summer, from a head-to-toe ensemble to a subtle accent using one or two white accessories.








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The Easiest Way to Wear White









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Choosing a head-to-toe white outfit such as a tailored trouser suit or a white maxi dress is often the look of choice, but it does not work for everyone. You may prefer to choose just one white key item like a classic white shirt or a tailored jacket or add white accessories to bring summer into your look.

Think About Your Skin Tone

Sun-kissed skin always looks great in white, but people with lighter skin need to ensure that the clothes they choose do not make them look washed out. You can still wear white if you have pale skin, but you may prefer to choose shimmery fabrics and glittery embellishments that will enhance your skin tone rather than going for an overall matt white look.

There is some helpful advice about dressing for your skin tone at Stylecaster.

Wearing Head-to-Toe White

If you are aiming to attract attention and make a stunning impression when you walk into the room, head-to-toe white will ensure that this happens. Whether you wear a tailored white trouser suit to a business meeting or a white maxi dress to a night club, an all-white ensemble will make sure that heads turn. If you are wearing a white top and bottom, just ensure that the colours are an exact match!

If total white is too much for you, add shoes and a bag in a subtle shade to add a little interest. Fortunately, white looks great with almost any colour other than ivory or beige.

Wearing White Shoes

Although white shoes can be impractical, they are still very popular to set off a summer outfit. White boots and platform trainers are easy to wear and look good with both casual and more formal outfits.

Classic white stilettos will spice up your little white dress and flatter your legs better than anything else, but the classic choice for this summer is the strappy sandal.


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