Night driving safety

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Driving in the night is dangerous if driver not give attention to safety. At night, being able to stop within a distance that you can see is not an easy task especially if there are no streetlights. You can see further when on main beam. So if for any reason you need to dip your headlights you must alter your speed too.

Regular checks of your lights should be done to ensure they are in good working order. You can check the lights by parking close to a wall and looking for the reflections.
To avoid dazzle, make a conscious effort to look at your side of the road and not at the lights coming towards you. For More information Please click hereĀ Jaguar XF Personal Lease

Eyesight problems may become worse when driving in the dark. Traveling at night puts more strain on your eyes and is therefore more tiring. Avoid long journeys in the dark, but if this is not possible regular breaks are very important. Never continue driving if you feel sleepy. It is dangerous for you.Jaguar XF Used Cars

If you are a woman traveling alone at night ensure all doors and windows are locked. Let someone know your route and estimated time of arrival. Never stop even you meet the car broken. If your car breaks down, summon help and stay in the car with all doors locked. Call the emergency services, and tell them that you are a woman alone so that they can make you a priority. It is very important to ensure your mobile phone in good condition before driving.

I hope this basic tips should make your night time driving safer for you.

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