Buying Jewelry as an Investment

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When it comes to fine jewelry, diamond pieces are beyond compare. Regardless of size, diamonds always communicate sophistication. For this reason alone, they’re a top seller both online and in store. Dazzling diamonds are set in fine gold, silver and a number of trendy materials, even silicone! No matter your budget, you can own real diamonds! To get you started, here are the top 5 secrets to buying diamond jewelry and creating an enjoyable investment in return. 

Top 5 Secrets to Creating a Jewelry Investment 

The top 5 secrets to buying diamond jewelry are: 

  • Learn about the 4-C’s
  • Know the shape and style you love most
  • Ask around: Carat threshold
  • Shop pre-loved styles; and
  • Negotiate!

As with any expensive purchase, you need to do some light homework. Read up on what diamond jewelry is priced by, but also understand that value is always subjective. To the eye of the beholder, the jewelry must be exceptional. Keep a sketchbook or use an app to keep track of shapes and colors of rings that you love. Once you have an ideal piece in mind it will be easier to shop around for the best pricing and best value. The carat threshold simply means that stores prefer to sell diamonds by the whole size, for example, 1 carat, a 2 carat. Ask them about stones that weigh in just under the whole carat! You’ll save a ton of money and get the same look as the size rock you’re shopping for anyway. Don’t be afraid to check out rings and jewelry that was pre-owned. Antique and consignment shops always have jaw-dropping styles at unbeatable prices. Once you’ve scored the best deal, go further and negotiate! You may find yourself not only walking away with the piece you had your heart set on, but even more! 

Your Own Style: Rings to Wear Now 

Diamond rings are sought after because they’re valuable and because they are gorgeous. While diamonds are traditionally used in promise and engagement rings, they’re also gaining popularity for right-hand-ring style rings, and mother’s or anniversary rings. One tip for buying Modern diamonds is browsing online first at image boards and large auction sites. Since jewelers from other countries can bring you their styles in this fashion, you may find that rare, must-have piece in a style you’d even never dreamed existed! 

Why a Necklace is Worth Twice its Value 

In fine jewelry, a necklace does double-duty. First, it will coordinate beautifully with other statement pieces like your rings bringing them even more attention, and second, necklaces have endless possibilities for day-to-evening wear. You can easily add an enhancer pendant, switch up the length of the chain, and create playful, casual, layered looks with all kinds of metals and gemstones you already own. Regardless of which style of diamond jewelry suits you best, adding these pieces to your jewelry wardrobe will increase its value, give you an endless variety of mixable, on-trend options, and above all, allow you to take pleasure in the compliments your custom look brings you every day.


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