Can You Truly Afford to Wear Contact Lenses Daily?

Contact lenses are a huge facility, so to say, especially for the aesthetically conscious. Who likes to have huge frames on their face on special events? And if you don’t wear your glasses, then you’re just squinting about at everybody, trying to differentiate and recognize people in a horribly blurry and confusing world.

The huge variety of contacts and even coloured contacts Australia, have made this dilemma incredibly easy. With such a vast range out there, there’s ample choice for everybody!

How Much Do Contacts Cost?

Contacts are a wonderful option, there’s no doubt about that. But like all good things, they also come with a price tag! Hence, it’s important to have all the information before deciding on purchasing and using contact lenses.

There are different varieties such as those for extended wear, some can be used once – they are disposable, some are colored and so on and so forth. And understandably, they all vary in prices as well. It’s essential, therefore, to learn about the types of contact lenses first.

Choosing Contacts and Understanding Different Types of Contacts:

We tend to believe that the invention or the idea of contact lenses would be something relatively modern right? Would you believe it that the concept was first coined in its rough form by Leonardo da Vinci? Unbelievable, right?

The first contact lens that was developed was made out of glass. Manufactured by the scientists in Germany, it was called a scleral lens, as it covered much of the sclera (the white part to us laymen) of the eye. From there on, modern technology and research enabled incredible progress.

Contact lenses can be broadly divided in to the following categories:

  • Rigid Lenses: this rigid lens was the first of the type similar to those seen today, as this sat solely on the cornea. While it was definitely more comfortable as it did not encompass the entire eye, rigid lenses restricted the flow of oxygen and thus the rigid gas permeable variety was developed.
  • Soft Contact Lenses: Soft contact lenses were a game changer for sure! They were flexible and pliant and totally comfy. The material absorbed water and conformed to the shape of the eye. What’s more – a single pair could last a whole year!
  • Disposable Contact Lenses: This was a more affordable and convenient option that helped progress the contact lens industry significantly. These could be worn up to two weeks, a month, a quarter of a month and then dailies came along as well!
  • Silicone Lenses: Silicone based lenses are another leap forward, as they allow more oxygen flow to the eye.
  • Scleral Lenses: This is another variety that’s becoming more popular for those who have degenerative diseases or other issues such as severe dry eye.

Let’s Head Back to the Cost!

Since there’s such a huge variety to choose from, contact lenses do vary in cost.

First and foremost though – remember to check whether your insurance covers the cost in full or in part! For those wearing contacts on a daily basis, definitely keep an eye out for deals and bundle offers – they can lead to considerable savings.

As a general guideline, contact lenses can cost anywhere from $20 to $500 depending on what is required. For instance:

  • Daily disposable contacts cost about $55 to $95 per box. About eight boxes make up a years supply.
  • Two week disposable lenses cost anywhere from $25 to $55 a box. For a year’s supply, about eight boxes are required.
  • Monthly disposable lenses cost from $45 to $85 for a box. Four boxes constitute yearly supply.

It should be kept in mind though, that additional costs are also applicable for extra requirements. For instance, colored lenses obviously have a different cost structure. However, given ease of production owing to modern technology even the most exotic of colored contacts Australia are quite easily affordable.

Generally, an optometrist is able to give out a rough estimate for the cost of using contacts. Nevertheless, owing to the variety of variables, even they can’t give out an exact amount. They are able to estimate their own fee, as well as contact lens exams required and any follow-ups that may be needed.

In case, one amount is being quoted to you, make sure you ask for a break down, so you know exactly what you are paying for. Better to avoid any surprises down the lane!

One more factor that is often missed out, but should be considered is the contact lens solution! This is used to clean and disinfect contacts and is definitely something you should never consider skimping on! Since it is advised and strongly recommended that contact lenses be cleaned and disinfected after every use, the cost accumulates to about $150 to $200 a year.

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