To Be Beauty Or Not To Be Beauty? That Is The Question!

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People always say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”! Although, ultimately that is true in the end, but lets face it! What is beauty? Beauty could be a property or characteristic of anything, (humans, animals, objects, even ideas.) 
beauty is definitely part of culture. Beauty is advertised everywhere, and not saying that there is anything wrong with that, we all resort to some type of beauty regimens. 

There are all types of trends that have been scouting throughout the world, from hacks to make your hair look thicker to LED mask to correct skin problems. They even have ways to stretch out your small shoes to wear them, “WOW”! Being beautiful can be maintained and produced all kinds of ways. 

There is a lot of “Do-it-yourself” type of beauty treatments women are known for doing at home. Taking long candle-light baths with a green mask on their face, with cucumbers on their eyes as if they were at a spa (only thing missing is the massage). At home pedicures are definitely in style now as well, they even have a foot spa soak at home machine that actually creates bubbles! Let’s not forget about the hand treatments, paraffin wax is very popular as well to use at home, to get those soft beautiful hands. 

Hair is the most versatile thing. Hair is thick, thin, long, or short. Best part about hair, is that, it is the most versatile thing. Hair can be dyed, cut, straightened and curled. For decades, hair has also been in competitions, hair stylist around the world get together to show off their many talents and get awarded. 

If you notice, you will see many blogs and videos about different hair treatments that you can do to grow out your hair and improve hair quality. A lot of them of course can be done at home. Everything from rice water to oils would be recommended, based on what you are trying to accomplish. I honesty am in love with hair extensions forest lake mn They are so versatile and can be done short or long, “I prefer long”! You can do all things with them, without having to worry about damaging your own hair. I always recommend going to a salon if you are not sure how to apply them. 

And here it is folks! The one and only! “CLOTHING”! Being in the same category as hair, clothing is also versatile. So many colors, patterns, styles, and even shapes. With clothing, trends seem to come and go, I’ve seen things that were once worn back in the early 90’s are now been worn today, as a popular trend. Even athletic clothing has it’s own trend as well, no more wearing sweats and basketball shorts, leggings for the ladies, and the Nike apparel for the guys. Working out never looked so good! LOL! 
Crop tops and hoodies are coming back as well, just worn with a slight twist to it. 

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