Having Your Best Wedding Ceremony

This is a moment you have been dreaming about and now it is finally here. You are on your way to being someone’s wife. The thought of no longer using your last name and sharing your life with your special someone just gives you goosebumps. Family and friends will be there to celebrate with you to commemorate the occasions. Also, you are going to see your groom looking good in his suit while you are radiantly beautiful in your white dress. There is nothing like having a wedding to remember where everyone is happy for the two of you. 

Finding A Venue 

Where you want to hold your wedding is as equally important as what should be in it. You will need to put your research into find places that would be considered grand enough to hold it. Also, you have to think about your budget as well. You do not want anything too pricey unless you know that you have help in getting the place you want. You can have a wedding that is simple and yet elegant. It also does not hurt to just have it in a church setting. If you are a member of a church you can have that done for free and already have a pastor to officiate it. If not, you may have to pay but it will be cheaper than most venues. The church may charge no more than $150 to $200 where an actual venue may charge $700 to $3,000. Just check out what your budget looks like to see which way you should go about it. Do not forget about having enough seating for the guests and decorations. You need to have all of this planned out as well as where the bridesmaids and groomsmen are going to stand. No wedding is complete with a nice building to have it in. You can have a wedding ceremony atlanta ga residents would rave about. 

The Reception 

This is the fun part of the wedding. You get to sip champagne and eat the food that planned for your reception. It can be a nice catered dinner or if you only had a small amount of guest, a potluck dinner. Either way, your wedding will be fun, and there will be a lot of laughs. Please do not forget about the photos. You need plenty of photos to remember your big day and to share with family. You will need another outfight in case you do not want to be stuck in your wedding dress the whole time. Your bouquet needs to nice so that when it’s time to throw it, it’s not going everywhere. The reception is not complete without the big cake for the bride and groom. 

Having a nice wedding is all you have ever wanted and the fact that it is coming true means everything. You and your groom are going to remember this day for years to come. So start planning and making your wedding a day to remember.

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