Hitch’d The Shoe – The Birth Of A New Norm

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Weddings are one of the important and memorable days in our lives, for both men and women. The whole ceremony is one big display of elegance and finely dressed human beings. Such events bring out the best dressed human beings that displays the newest fashion trends.

As the behavior wedding designs for dresses and suits constantly change, shoes tend to stay normalized. Many brides and grooms want to stick to the traditional shoe dress codes: the high heel for women and the formal Italian pointy shoes for men. The brides might change into sneakers an hour or two into the night, to be more comfortable, and the men stay in their formal shoes. After thorough research and personal experiences, the team at Hitch’d the shoe came to the conclusion that it wasn’t that they did not want to wear sneakers for the whole night, but was too difficult to find a shoe that does all this. This was the birth of our niche concept: Hitchdtheshoe.

We revolutionized the shoe game for wedding ceremonies, to make the night the most comfortable night ever, with no complaints about foot pain the next day. Our strength in the comfort of our products will always remain a game changer for all our brides, grooms and the wonderful attendees. Slipping to something more comfortable is a concept that we do not exercise at Hitch’d the shoe. We redefined comfort to match the needs for weddings and any special occasions.

Our niche is specialized in wedding shoes for men and women and we have combined the best of two worlds, being: Elegance and Comfort. Elegance should not suffer because of the comfort, and vice versa. The creativity each design was inspired by the experiences of our founder Marc Bakhos – A Lebanese/French entrepreneur who was passionate about his craft.  He himself had this dilemma for his wedding, and struggled to find the point where elegance meets comfort. After many trials and talks, Hitch’d Gents was created as being one of the first products of its kind.

Hitch’d Gents – the birth of the new gentleman

Traditional vs. new-aged look was always a dilemma that grooms faced when picking the perfect outfit for their special night. Should I take the risk of trying something new? Or just stick to what has been normalized throughout the years and play it safe?

There is no doubt that the classic men’s wedding shoes look awesome, and a true representation of the original wedding shoes for men, but let us agree that many of them do get a bit rough and tight on the foot. A couple of dance moves and jumps into it, the results will show.

After brainstorming with our team at Hitch’d the shoe, the problem was more common than we had thought. We analyzed the dilemma, and found the ideal solution. What our customers are calling the ‘Ultimate Wedding Shoe’.

The black color is a classic that will never go out of style and it is a timeless option that is most commonly picked during weddings. The shiny finish of the shoes as well, making a shoe look and have a much rather sophisticated feel.

The design of a Hitch’d gents combined the sporty look and feel, with the traditional elegance that most men want on their wedding night.

What is next from Hitch’d the shoe?

We are surprising our brides with something very special this year. It is the women’s turn to have the shoe they have always been looking for at their weddings. Where they do not have to change into a different shoe, but just wear one (or two), without any teasers. Due to much curiosity and popular demand for our men’s product, the inspiration of designing something as comfortable and beautiful came through. We will be launching within two months, also expanding our locations into Europe.

We will be shipping in Europe, and worldwide very soon and are extremely excited to showcase our craftsmanship.

We are a concept personally designed for our grooms and brides all around the world, and we promise to keep the products coming your way.

Follow us on instagram @hitchdtheshoe and visit our website to order yourselves a pair www.hitchdtheshoe.com. Stay tuned!

Hitch’d the shoe family

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