Women Can Be Head Over Heels

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Women of all ages love a pair of beautiful high heels. Most of us started at a young age, going into our mother’s closet and finding our favorite pair of high heels, while playing dress up. I remember feeling like a princess while I tried to strut around the house in big flopping high heels. Now, I’ve grown into my own shoes and there are so many styles and colors out there. Sometimes it’s overwhelming trying to keep up with the next best thing.

Different Style of High Heels

There are so many different types of high heels available, you can lose count. There are at least 22 different styles, one for every type of woman. Literally, they even came up with a style called baseball high heels. High heels do not discriminate, you can go from heeled boots to wedges, or you can choose the classic stiletto, if you’re feeling fierce. They practically have a world of their own.

Why Do Woman Love High Heels?

We’ve all looked through magazines and usually see pages and pages of women in heels. Whether they’re high or low. They are aesthetically pleasing and create an illusion of long legs. The extra inches make you feel a sense of empowerment, even if it’s for a moment. If it’s the right pair of heels, they can make you feel sexy.

There was a social experiment conducted to test the influence high heels have on the human psyche. It’s been shown that the more men participate in helping a woman in high heels, rather than a woman in flats. For women, the participation was consistent, regardless of what ever shoes the woman was wearing. This shows that high heels add an extra feminine appeal that cannot be denied.

How to Make High Heels Comfortable?

It’s a fact that if you’re looking for a pair of comfortable shoes, you should aim for the one’s that provide you with the most support. The same rule applies with high heels. There are other adjustments that can be made, but nothing feels greater than sliding your feet into the perfect fit. For more support, always consider shoe insoles. They save lives. Also, if the shoe allows, go for half a size up when selecting the pair you desire. It may provide that extra wiggle room you may need.

There are companies that make heels for with more comfort. They have been looking into the science of high heels and how it affects women, to come up with a solution to the discomfort factor. Their goal is the make the stiletto heel feel like a wedge heel, more stable and less pressure on the ball of the foot. The future is looking bright for the world of heels.

By the way, for those wondering, which one is the right one for me? Don’t hesitate, try them all. It’s not a one style per woman type of deal. Indulge in what makes you feel and look good. After all, that’s what womanhood is about.

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