Your Clothing Choice Can Make or Break Your Adventure

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Often, when I meet friends for an outdoor adventure or even a day walking around town, I am asked why I have long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. My reply, “Just in case.” 

Have you ever gone out early in the morning, intending to be out all day until evening? How about in a place like the dessert or in the fall? Many outdoor adventures include a wide range of temperature, terrain, and wildlife (including bugs). If you are like me, you don’t want to have lots of things to carry, especially on those trips in the urban jungle. Let’s face it, who wants to have to remember their jacket, after a few drinks, on the way to the stadium? 

I know, you are thinking, “Good points but long sleeve shirts are a pain. They are too thick and hot or too thin and yet still, somehow retain water, sticking to my body and showing everyone, I’m wearing a dress shirt with no t-shirt underneath.” This is why I recommend long sleeve performance shirts. This is not your father’s t-shirt, son. Fabric technology has come a long way. Stop buying those $10 shirts at Walmart. The thing to recognize is how to spend your money wisely. Spending One and a half to twice as much money on a shirt that will last twice as long, or more is smart. That shirt isn’t expensive, It’s better. Modern technology has provided us with shirts that wick away moisture, from our skin, keeping us cooler in hot weather and warmer in cold weather. A good quality shirt retains its original color much longer. The threads don’t slowly start falling out requiring you to buy new fingernail clippers, which can be half as much as the shirt, because the TSA keeps confiscating them every time you fly to Montana, for some fly fishing. 

If you have the proper long sleeve shirt, it can function as a short sleeve shirt and a jacket for that early morning chill, trekking out to the beach with your surfboard or those last 30 mins, walking home through the woods after a successful hunt. As soon as you warm up, roll up those sleeves. Fitted shirts will stay where you put them. They won’t bunch up the wrong way in the crook of your elbow. Does that trail you’re on, have a few thornier vines than you remember? A good shirt will protect you from incidental nuisances. Who wants to be bothered all day by a 1/4-inch vine that gave you a tiny scratch on your forearm, that just happens to coincide with that particular point on your rifle’s stock. Do you want that to be the reason you didn’t make your quota of Teal? Have you ever had fresh breast of teal wrapped around a jalapeno, stuffed with cream cheese all held together by the bacon wrapped around those other three ingredients? You only get to eat so many of those in your life.


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