Gender-Bending Fashion – What You Can Expect to See in 2020

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In today’s modern world, the concept of gender has never been so fluid.

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A report in Gender Spectrum examines the shift in gender and binary oppositions, stating that young people of today have a significantly different understanding of gender to previous generations.

And now the opportunity to explore and express one’s identity throughout fashion is prevalent on catwalks throughout the world. Gender-bending fashion is a way to further distort social boundaries of gender and enjoy fashion in a non-exclusive way. As this cultural shift continue to develop, what gender-bending fashion trends can you expect to see in the next few years?

Bold Colours and Prints

Statement patterns, bold colours and clashing prints are not unusual on catwalks, and major European fashion houses are showcasing them for 2020. Florals, animal print and geometric designs are just a few of the patterns you can expect to see from Farah clothes in coming months.

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Bags and Cases

The ‘man bag’ has long since been a contentious issue. But now major fashion brands are embracing them in their most feminine sense for men’s collections. Vanity cases, handbags and carrying cases from top designers are going to be a big hit in the next few years – not to mention a practical addition for any man who is sick of having his keys in his back pocket!


Pink is a notoriously feminine colour, but one thing is clear in fashion these days: the rules simply don’t apply anymore and anything goes. So men can now embrace Farah clothes in hot and pastel pink with no fear. Stereotypical gendered tones are no longer relevant.

Statement Suits

When it comes to a statement suit, the brasher the better for 2020. Think of Lloyd and Harry in Dumber and Dumber, and then multiply it by 100! The double-breasted look is in, along with bold colours, sumptuous materials, attention-grabbing design and unusual tailoring. This look is all about mixing up old traditions with a modern eccentric twist.

Wide Legs

Skinny fit has been stylish for a long time, but now wide leg is back in for men and women alike. Think wide-leg culottes, baggy jeans and harem pants for a neutrally gendered look that is as stylish as it is comfortable.

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