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Easy Steps To Make Handmade Jewelry

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Planning to give your loved ones something unique this festive season? How about surprising them with a unique handmade gift this time?  Speaking about handmade gifts, there just cannot be anything better than handmade jewelry. Making handmade jewelry is indeed an excellent way to explore one’s creativity. There is plethora of handmade jewelry that you can make on your own but it always advisable to begin with the most elementary forms of it. Here we’ll discuss some simple steps to make a beaded handmade necklace.

Step 1

First, select the beads that you want in your jewelry. You can pick some of the most authentic ready made beads from a bead or craft store. Generally, beads are available in plastic, gems, crystals, metals and wood. However, if you do not want ready made beads and wish to make the beads on your own, you can do that too with the help of paper or clay.

Step 2

After you have collected all the beads that you want in your handmade jewelry, the next step is to design the lay out of your necklace on a piece of paper. Make sure that you do this on a hard surface.

Step 3

Once you have designed the lay out on a piece of paper, you can cut your bead wire. You should cut the bead wire at least 5 inches more than the actual length of the necklace to be. When you are making a short necklace, ensure that the length is not less than 20 inches.

Step 4

Next you have to attach the bead wire to one end of the clasp. For this you’ll have to slide a clasp piece onto the crimp bead and a wire. After that you’ll have to slide the end of the wire to the crimp bead. In order to flatten the crimp bead, you can use the crimping tool to ensure that it stays in place.

Step 5

Further, you’ll have to take a soft wire and slide the beads onto it. A soft flex wire is sufficient to help you bead the necklace without using the needle.

Step 6

Finally, you have to attach the final clasp to the necklace. This will leave you with just a single clasp that you can further use to add to the necklace. Then again you’ll have to slide a crimp wire into the necklace and add a clasp piece to it. Make sure that there is no space in between the beads. You can crimp the beads by using pliers. Trim down any extra wire to ensure that the necklace looks neat.

Using these tips, your handmade necklace like shown here can be made ready. Now you can present this handmade necklace to your near and dear ones. Anyone who receives this necklace from you will surely be delighted. A personalized  unique bracelets design jewelry always has a special value. Besides the necklace you can also made handmade bangles, pendants, rings, etc at fashion Plaza

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