Three Reasons To Have A Wedding Outdoors

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We’re three months into 2019, and the great energy circulating just screams love, church bells, engagements, rings and of course, weddings. As the warmer months of the year begin to approach, we’re going to see tons of weddings all around the world and a plethora of busy individuals planning their sweet ceremonies. One thing to discuss from these individuals is whether to have the wedding indoors or outdoors. While, traditionally, most couples host their wedding indoors, there are so many benefits to hosting it outdoors. Below are four reasons why one should take their “I Do’s” outside. 


According to the Cost of Wedding, the average couple in the United States paid $25,764 on their wedding. A lot of that cost makes up for the indoor venue. Taking a wedding outdoors, cheapens the price tag and opens up the possibilities. There are several outdoor venues that offer phenomenal spaces equipped with decorations and all of the wedding amenities known to man but again, possibilities are expanded outdoors. A couple could host their wedding in a backyard or a park – there are really no limits when it comes to the good ole outdoors. If one heads outdoors for their wedding, they eliminate all of the extra costs associated with holding all of the guests inside. 


While the actual “I Do” and ensuring the guests are enjoying your wedding are the important portions, but photography is absolutely essential. Photographs of your wedding serve as memories and pieces that you can have in your possession forever. When hosting your wedding outdoors, the photography is going to be next level. All of the natural lighting elevating the exposure and gleaming off of the faces of guests will create amazing pictures. When one host their wedding indoors, they often run into lighting issues and must capture all of the wedding’s moments with specific angles. Photographers rarely run into this issue when shooting outdoors. 


Depending on the specific time and place you host your wedding, like if you’re having a wedding ceremony atlanta ga, weather plays a huge part in its success. Spring is a great season to host a wedding. Not too hot, not cold at all, great breezes – everything weather related to keep your guests in a comfortable environment. Nothing feels better seeing everyone enjoying themselves in good weather. At some indoor wedding venues, some guests are too hot or too cold – but when outdoors, you can’t beat the sunlight and natural breeze. After all, people just have a better time when the weather is better. 


Ever tried figuring out how you’re going to jam all of the people on your guest list in your wedding space without leaving people out for dry? Outdoor weddings eliminate some of this issue. When you take your wedding outdoors, there’s not a whole lot of limitation for space. In addition to the amount of people and space, couples can also have their wedding and ceremony in the same space. 

All in all, it doesn’t matter where you have your wedding. All that matters is that you’re happy and with the people that you love. However, keep these three things in mind when planning your wedding because outdoors is the way to go.


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